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Biomedical engineering : bridging medicine and technology / W. Mark Saltzman

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« The second edition of this popular introductory undergraduate textbook uses examples, applications, and profiles of biomedical engineers to show students the relevance of the theory and how it can be used to solve real problems in human medicine. The essential molecular biology, cellular biology, and human physiology background is included for students to understand the context in which biomedical engineers work. » More…

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►Février 2017


Perspectives in micro- and nanotechnology for biomedical applications / edited by Juliana M. Chan e.a.


Apprendre à me connaître: « Perspectives in Micro- and Nanotechnology for Biomedical Applications is an exciting new book that takes readers inside the fast-paced world of biomedical sciences fueled by advancements in nanotechnology, polymer chemistry and pharmacology. Guided by biotech researchers Chenjie Xu and Juliana Chan, an international ensemble of leading experts in the field cover topics ranging from classical chemical tools to nanoparticles as imaging probes and drug carriers, and combinatorial screens for new lipids and polymers. At the microscale it discusses advancements in hydrogels and platform technologies such as cell ghosts. » More…

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